how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use


I took this photo in Notre Dame like 4 years ago and as i look at it now i can tell how awfully upset and lonely that guy looked back then. i just wish he’s doing okay now.
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'We were in love the way everyone always seems to be- sloppy messy love with the realization of no destination, no reason to be together, and nothing that made us good together. We were bad together, actually. Always fighting, storming off or ignoring each other. I could name dozens of flaws of his, of ours, I’m sure the same goes for me. But god, were we in love. We passionately forgot the difference between sunrise and sunset, the sky was always tinged with pink and violent streaks of red and the moon illuminated the faults in us. 3AM was disastrous, staying up together was essentially a death wish. Arguments errupted and hateful love burned like fire in our veins. We were in love in the way only lovers could understand- people will always be shitty; people break hearts and fuck up and leave scars among each other but who is to say that two shitty people can’t be each others vodka on the nights where sheets demand to be filled with tangled limbs and synchronized lungs. We were in love in the way that we needed to be, knowing that the end was inevitable but memorizing freckles and each others spines anyway. Love, we decided, didn’t need an ulterior motive- a marriage, a family, someone to hold you when you’re sad. Love was for clumsiness and laughter and people who wanted to feel the flames ignite in them, love was for invincibility and crumbling like melting snowflakes. Love was for beginnings and love was for endings and love was for filling our undetermined timelines with adventure and emotion.'
— Does Love Ever Die? (via alcoholings)
'1.) You will fall in love and it will be nothing like the movies. He’s not gonna come to your window and he’s not gonna kiss you in the rain. He’s gonna make you lay awake at 3am and he’s gonna make you wish you’d never met because your whole body feels like it’s on fire.
2.) School doesn’t make you learn anything except that people can be really mean. You won’t learn how to do taxes or vote or change the world but hell at least you can calculate velocity and bullshit a five page essay in two hours.
3.) You’re going to make mistakes and some of them will cause more damage and some of them you can’t fix. But that just makes other things happen and life throws a lot of curveballs at you that you need to make good things from. I promise it’s only as bad as you let it be.
4.) Kiss boys. Kiss girls. Kiss anyone you want and kiss people you don’t want to and cry about people who kissed people that weren’t you but never hurt yourself because of a kiss.
5.) Some days you won’t want to wake up or move. Some days, don’t. Most days, get up anyway. Take a shower. Sing. Pretend you’re happier than you really are.
6.) Don’t spend too much time hating yourself. Don’t act like someone else. Don’t waste time on pretending. Write love poems to you, from you and mean them.
7.) You’ll find yourself waiting for the weekend and waiting for summer and waiting for things to get better. Make them better and do not wait.
8.) Keep flowers always, wear whatever you want, hug as many people as you can. This is mandatory.
9.) Nobody knows what to do when you run out of toilet paper. Ask a friend.
10.) Never settle for less.
11.) People don’t always mean what they say or say what they mean. Ask a lot of questions and genuinely mean them.
12.) If they won’t hold your hand, don’t let them hold your heart.
13.) Nights are either the worst things or the best things. Sometimes you cry a lot and ask the stars why and sometimes you laugh and lay in the street. Treasure both.
14.) Things spoil when you try to force them to last forever. Appreciate the time you get with people or in places and don’t stretch it’s life longer than it needs to be. Not every friend will be with you forever. Know that it’s okay that way.
15.) Nobody understands their feelings. Write about it, paint about it, sing about it, dance about it. Cry about it. You’re not the only one who feels a little lost. Search for comfort in lyrics and poems.
16.) If your pillow isn’t comfortable, buy a new one.
17.) Nothing goes as planned. It’s beautiful though.
18.) People are going to hate you and call you terrible names but they don’t know what it’s like to be you and they certainly don’t deserve your attention. Pretend they’re sour milk. No one likes sour milk.
19.) Ever since you were born you have been working a full time job breathing and staying alive. You’re doing well. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
20.) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you’re at rock bottom just know that your low may be low but there’s an equal and opposite reaction waiting for you someday. Soon enough you’ll be at the top of the world.
— Things I Was Never Taught But Learned Anyway (via alcoholings)

Jessica by Vincent Brod



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